ATV Service & Inspection

ATV Service & Inspection

from 120.00

ATV service includes: adjust valves, adjust cam chain, change oil & filter, clean or replace air filter, sync carbs, minor carb adjustments, install points & plugs, set timing, adjust & lube drive chain, check all fluids, check tire pressure, check suspension, check brakes, and cable adjustments.

If the machine doesn't run when brought in, it may need more than a service. A service is general maintenance, tuning, and evaluation of additional repairs needed, and will not necessarily be all that is needed to get the machine running. If the machine has been sitting for an extended period, carburetor cleaning will probably be needed.

Please note: Valve adjustment is not included with side by side service. Service prices are for labor only. Parts are extra. Accessory removal is extra. This is a guide! It doesn't cover weird stuff!

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