We have the experience so you can have the confidence.

When it comes down to it, who do want working on your ride? You want someone with lots and lots of experience.

Meet Karl...

While he hates to admit it, he’s been a tech for over 30 years! He cut his teeth on the old carbureted Hondas and has experience with all brands from Harley Davidson to Yamaha to Honda and even European brands too. He’s seen a lot in 30 years. Have something out of the ordinary? Bring it on!

Services include:

  • Quick and accurate diagnosis. Karl will get your bike running right away.
  • Carbs are tricky. Karl can make carburetors work like they are supposed to.
  • Yes, we'll change the oil.
  • Valve and cam adjustments.
  • Chain adjustments.
  • Fork seals.
  • Tire replacement. Street or dirt. Karl has a fancy computer balancer to make sure you’re running smooth.
  • We’ll Install accessories to make your bike truly yours.
  • Wheel straightening.
  • Spoke lacing.
  • Engine overhaul and other major repairs.